Encouraging Stories, I Love Sharing Them

Encouraging Stories Encouraging Stories All About You And A Little bit About Me

Hi, I’m Bouvia and I grew up with five brothers and no sisters.  My brothers were verbally overbearing, so I didn’t talk much.  Fast forward to today, I love the art form of the spoken word.  Weather it be with family, friends or friendly strangers.  So much so, I decided to share peoples encouraging stories; with their permission.

From that thought, people strive, our community blog was founded in 2014.  I Now have the privilege of writing our encouraging stories at peoplestrive.com and I love it.

I worked in Customer Service for more than fifteen years.  I was a business owner, sales associate and manager full time and part time while raising my daughter.  I currently work in Human Services and for peoplestrive.com full time.


I am So Grateful that people are willing to share a little bit about them with a whole lot of us.  When someone reads there posted story on the website for the first time.  Their joy is palpable and exciting.  And I share in and love this moment every time.


Reflecting over my life’s journey; seemingly to me.  Everything happens in fleeting moments.  Memories are then cherished for a life time.  I have also learned to embrace the notion; Bitter & Sweet go hand-n-hand.  Which allows me to fully live in the moment and calms my emotions and reactions.

I am also thankful for amazingly enhanced life moments and do not always understand or want to embrace uncomfortable moments.  I still persevere.  The beach has become a place of serenity for me.  It’s where I reconnect with the universe, pray, meditate, unwind and relax, mentally, physically, completely.

“Remember to Live in the Moment not just Exist in the Moment.  The moment is all we have in the moment.”  Bouvia





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