Christian Keyes Knows What The Bottom Feels Like

Christian keyes


Christian Keyes Is A Man That STRIVES

To exemplify success, you must know failure.  You have to know what the bottom feels like.  You have to know what despondency is.  You have to be able to reflect and tell yourself that you will never go to that point in life again.  The people that have that understanding of the bottom of the barrel completely understand what strong will, determination, faith, and resilience is.  And Christian Keyes knows the bottom feeling. 

Christian Keyes has become An American star

Nevertheless, The Detroit Native Had A Rough Time Getting There

Placed in the foster care system at age 3.  Christian Keyes had his run with the foster care system in Michigan which he has no problem saying he hopes is better today.  After about five or six placed homes, he spent 6 years with Mrs. Keyes.  By age nine, Christian was tired of the physical abuse received in the home and began to run away often.

“I would sleep on the streets instead of going home because the beatings were really bad, man,” Christian says with a hint of sadness in his voice. “A couple of pops on the behind with a hand or something.  That’s much different from the broomstick or belt buckle or a bottle, a hammer.  Or all the crap we’ve been through.  That’s not out of love that’s a mental disorder.  There’s an expressway of what you don’t cross when you discipline kids.”

The Marks From The Beatings Were Bad

Eventually, the marks from the beatings were bad enough that he was able to press charges and get out of the home.  After Three years of the struggle to prove the occurrences they finally believed him.  “I would run away.  And would literally steal money to catch a cab to show them the bruises and they would send me back home. It’s like I’m going to go through all of this at nine or ten years old.  There’s something wrong.  Why would you send me back home.”

Bounced From Group Home To Group Home

Removed from the house and out of harms way.  Christian Keyes bounced from group home to group home.  Not only deprived of a loving home, he was what any child circumstantial to those events would become…angry.  “I would act out a bit and I was acting a fool in school, cutting class getting into fights and all,” he reflects. “I was an angry kid. You can’t beat a kid for years and years and expect them to be ok.”

You Can’t Beat A Kid For Years And Years And Expect Them To Be Ok

Knowing that it would take a lot to rehabilitate a kid like Christian and have him turn out to be a decent adult.  A family decided to take him in and give him exactly what he needed, love, understanding, and correct discipline.  Around age 15.  Christian was sent to his last foster family.  Gail and Roy Caron. They sat him down, went through the rules and treated him like a family member and not just another kids passing through their home.

Christian Keys

I am Christian keyes, A man who strives in spite of childhood abuse!

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