Kevin Hart Shares His Thoughts On Female Fashion

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Kevin Hart

What Men Think About What Women Wear

You can tell a lot about people by their appearance. Good style in a woman is about her being herself.  I Kevin Hart believes this.  It’s about being able to bring your own flair and attitude to your clothing. It’s not just about what you think is cool, it’s what you make cool. That’s the difference. The women who understand that always dress in such a unique way. It doesn’t look forced. You believe it.


You always want to look comfortable. You don’t ever want to dress so that you can’t have a good time. It should never be, “Look at me, my clothes are so nice, but I can’t move my neck.” You need to make sure you come off classy but at the same time like a person who can hold a conversation and go out and have fun. You need to look like you can go throw a bowling ball if someone asked you.


Essentially, you should be able to turn it on and off. Every day doesn’t have to be a drop-dead gorgeous day. You should be able to be that drop-dead gorgeous girl when you’re dressing up and when you’re dressing down. Pants and Chucks can come off as just as great as a formfitting dress. A woman who can find that balance—meaning my wife—those are amazing women.


As a man, you should encourage your woman to be creative and to experiment. You should never limit a person to what they can or cannot do. If experimenting with your look is your way of being creative, my job as a man is to support that and love you regardless.

But no one should ever wear Hammer pants!  I’m just saying.  Kevin Hart out!

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