Psychologically Hard, During My Formative Years

psychologically hard

Psychologically Hard

As a boy raised in Brazil, I felt like my mom and dad didn’t care about me.  And maybe didn’t want me.  At 4 years old, my aunt wanted to adopt me but my mom said no.  My grandparents lived in the mountain area of Brazil and they where farmers.  They lived 100 hundred miles away from the city.  Very quit and lonely life style for a boy.  12 years old I’m sent to live with my grandparents.  Psychologically hard, up until now my life has been.

Soccer Was My Psychological Escape From My Reality

Especially Seaside

My daily activity consisted of early morning animal feedings, going to  Catholic School, which I hated attending.  I did very little school work, which was easy to do.  I would go into the kitchen and throw eggs milk, sugar around and later be made to clean it all up. I love playing soccer anytime I could.  Especially seaside.  I totally, psychologically escaped my physical reality.  Which consisted of not feeling loved, lonely, and unhappy mostly.  After school I worked at a gas station pumping gas mostly and helped the mechanics.   Psychologically hard, ongoing – why me?

I Hadn’t Visited My Family In 25 years

I meet my wife during high school.  I was very shy back then and one of the boys knew I liked her and told her.  She spoke to me first.  30 years married.  We left Brazil and moved to California.  I wanted to go to aviation school but it was to expensive and we started having babies.  So I did what I knew how to do.  I opened an automotive shop, helped raised my kids and paid for their education.  I still love soccer and always will.  My wife and friends have helped me over the years to find mental peace.  I hadn’t visited my family in 25 years and when I did, I wish I Haddon.

 By BouviaMy friend for 11 years.  I call him an Angle In The flesh because he’s very nice to me, consistently.  I was really surprised to hear how sad his formative years were, and yet he’s so giving and nice!

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