People Strive Together


 People Strive

People  strive together whether family, friends or friendly strangers.  We have diverse backgrounds, meet each other at work, during travels, in society and at social events and naturally desire to talk about our responsibilities and share life stories with each other.  The topic of conversation is vast, we feel heard and supported in that moment which allows us to experience a sense of satisfaction mentally; momentarily.  The discussions can last for minutes up to hours, depending on the subject matter and time.

Our stories are the same, just different circumstances and community blog is dedicated to sharing our stories in addition to our physical conversations with one another.  Please, share your story by joining the ongoing dialog.

Expectations of women are many

While single – competitive peer pressure is always present. Wives and mothers are usually expected to take care of the kids; the home, help provide financially, have all the answers and can do all things our families believe.  We are house wife’s, educators, career women and also friends.  Multitasking is a part of our daily lives which allows us to accommodate our many responsibilities while trying not to become overwhelmed and exhausted.  We Do Our Best, We Are Not Perfect, We Are Women That Strive!

Stop, Take A Moment, relax, Breath 

Sit down and relax for a moment while enjoying your favorite beverage and log onto and enjoy a post or listen to some music you like or read an online magazine at Readly.  Also An invigorating walk is relaxing mentally and physically or just close your eyes and be still.  We deserve and need these moments of renewal so that we can continue to strive to be our best.

MEN Without You Their Would Be No Us

Men we Desire you, Need you – LOVE YOU!  Your stories are important and we would like to read about them also on community blog.






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