Being Genuinely Kind Is Always In Style No Mater The Gesture

being genuinely kind


Being Genuinely Kind Is Always In Style – No Matter Your Age Or Gesture

My dad is the most giving person I know and he asked for nothing in return.  I wrote about my dad growing vegetables and fruit, harvesting them and giving them away for free.  The story title is Vegetables, Gardens, Paying Homage (July 2014).

Being genuinely kind, around the world is a form of love.  And it’s free to give and free to receive.  Go ahead, make someones day in a pleasant way, and be open for your day, made by someone in a pleasant too.


I really enjoy reading articles and looking at pictures in magazines and throughout the years my dad has also.  When my daughter was a teenager my dad subscribed to SEVENTEEN magazine.  And she received a magazine monthly until she finished high school.  And I notice one day the magazine was still being delivered.  You know the SEVENTEEN  magazine is still being delivered and Dorothy doesn’t read them anymore.  “I know!”  Oh – Okay.  This conversation took place about two years ago.

“I saw the woman next door today, while I was sweeping outside in the front yard and she came over.”  Her name is Denise daddy.  “I never remember her name.”  ‘Hello Mr. Small.  How are you today?’  “I’m OK, pain, pain, pain.”  ‘Oh you know I understand (Both laughing).  I hurt all the time to.  I’m going to the casino to forget about everything for the day.’  “It’s been awhile since I went to the casino because  I don’t walk that well anymore and I enjoy going.”

Who Knew – I Certainly Didn’t

“Denis was holding the copy of SEVENTEEN magazine I had put on her car window, earlier.  We’ve never talked about the magazine and today was the first time I saw her with one of them.  She said, give me a hug.  She knows it’s from me, since the first copy I put on her car window years ago.  The magazine has my name and address on it.”  Wow!  All these years you’ve given her daughter the magazine?  Wow Daddy, That’s Really Nice Of You.  Being Genuinely Kind Is Always In Style – No Matter Your Age.

being genuinely kind


Colleen Corby, Seventeen Magazine April 1964,Vintage


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