Celine Dion, One Of The Most Powerful, Moving Voices

celine dion


 Celine Dion

“Being a wife and mother is my Greatest Joy!”

After 35 years as a performing and recording artist, Celine Dion has become a legend of popular music, one of the most powerful and moving voices ever heard.

According to a poll conducted by international market research firm YouGov.  She is the 6th most admired woman on the planet.  And the source of that admiration is the life as much as the work, the music.  An honest woman who sings from the heart.  It’s as simple and true as that – as Celine.  Celine Dion’s mother introduced Rene to young Celine and she gave him a cassette tape.  And from that moment until he passed he was her manager and became her husband.

Reno had just informed Angélil that she would no longer need his services. He was about to realign his career when he heard the cassette that would change his destiny.  And the destiny of a girl from Charlemagne.  He invited her to an appointment in his office.  Handed her a pencil and said, “Here’s your microphone. Now sing as though you were in front of a sellout audience.”  Celine sang.  On the spot, René became her biggest fan.  It was the beginning of the most wonderful artist-manager relationship in the history of show business.  Celine married the love of her life, Rene Angelil on December, 1994 in Notre Dame Basilica Montreal.  They were married 22 years.  Rene passed away, January 14, 2016.  Celine Dion

Celine, Class Act Consistently

While watching Celine perform live in Vegas.  I thought to myself, wow she is just as eloquent in person and she appears to be very humble and grateful for her life’s journey.  She wanted us to feel that she cared and was thankful for sharing the evening with her.  Bouvia  


celine dion

A Woman Of Destiny


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