Crying, Hollering Because My Best Friend Just Died


Crying Profusely Because My Friend Is Gone

Whats wrong?  Whats wrong?  why are you hollering and crying profusely?  Talk to me?  “My best friend got shot to death yesterday and I don’t understand why he is dead.  I don’t understand.”  He has his face in his hands while bent over at the waist, walking back and forth crying and hollering, “why, why, why him, why him.  I don’t understand.”  And he screams.  “He was 19.”

I walk over to him and put my arms around him and he puts his hand covered face on my shoulder.  And we rock back and forth while he continues to cry softly now.  My friend (18) is over six feet tall and I’m 5’6.  He fills up my arms and I can now feel the wetness of his tears coming through my tee-shirt.  But I continue to hold him tightly and let him weep.

“Why Did He Have To Die?

He was only 19.  Why do people have to die?”  And he screams while still crying “Why him he was a good guy?”  What is his name?  “Kevin.”  You want to sit down and tell me what happened?  “Yeah!”  He slowly stops crying and softly begins to tell me what happened.  “We grew up together, went to school together and he was very encouraging.  As we got older.  He would send me encouraging text messages and was just a good guy.”


You said your friend was very encouraging.  Do you think he would want you to be sad or he would tell you.  “Do your best in life to honor my life!”  Death is as natural as birth.  As we enter this realm of life we will exit it.  It’s not how long we’re here, it ‘s what we do while we’re here.  And it sounds like during his 19 years of life he was a good guy.  Keep Kevin’s encouraging memory in your heart for a life time.  And It’s Okay to grieve and cry.  Daily, you will feel better.  “Thank you!  I needed that.”  My young friend is doing better daily.  He tells me so.



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