Jose And Tania Amaya Love Each Other In spite Of Challenges

Jose and Tania Amaya

Tania Amaya uses sign language to speak to her husband, Jose.

Jose And Tania Amaya

How Do You Explain Finding Love At L. A.’s Braille Institute

Jose and Tania Amaya, how they met.  She was a computer teacher at the Braille Institute in East Hollywood.  He was a volunteer, deaf and legally blind, unable to speak.  She was enrolled in deaf studies at Cal State Northridge. He’d help with her sign language homework.

They’d speak in a language for the deaf-blind, called tactile sign language. She’d sign, and he’d hold his hands over hers, reading the movements of her fingers.  They’d make each other smile.  By the time they learned to communicate, they fell in love and have celebrated five years of marriage.

Jose and Tania Amaya
Jose Amaya and his wife, Tania, greet Jose’s service dog at the Braille Institute. 

Jose And Tania Amayas’ Marriage Is Like Any Other.

There’s constant learning. Like all couples, they fight sometimes.  But they can’t yell at each other from across the room.  They have to touch each other’s hands to talk, even if they’re mad.  “Many people think the same thing.  ‘Oh, he’s deaf, that means you guys never argue.’  “Tania said, laughing.  Her cheeks pink.  “Well, of course, we do.”

Jose, a big grin on his face, showed what he does when they fight.  He Yanks his hand away from hers so they can’t talk.  Every Friday, Jose and Tania Amaya hold an open lab for blind-deaf people at the Braille Institute.  Where all classes and services are free.  Jose and his guide dog, a golden retriever, commute by bus from the couple’s Van Nuys home.

The Amaya’s story is very sweet and simple.  Love is a universal language that each of us speak whether with or without the ability to see or speak.  Love Is!  Bouvia

By Hailey Branson-Potts/Times

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