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Mary Mary American Contemporary Duo And Ministers Of Gods Word

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I have listened to Mary Mary sing since they were young women.  (They started sing in 1998)  Before they became the Powerhouse Gospel Group they are today.  They live in Los Angeles and so do I.  As young women starting their singing career, they would perform in local churches around town and I attend many of their concerts.  They always wore dresses and looked beautiful.  Each one of them would talk about God before they started to sing.  They were very passionate about the word of God and I enjoyed how they loved God out loud, even though I attended to really just hear them sing.

It’s a natural progression that  In 2014, Mr. & Mrs. Campbell  (Erica) started a local Bible study program in Los Angeles, California.  The following year Mr. Campbell was ordained as a pastor and later the couple founded the California Worship Center The Worship Center meets in North Hollywood, California.  I look forward to attending service soon.

mary mary

“Their debut album, Thankful (2000), was certified Platinum.”

The ladies dreams have come true.  And probably so much more than they could have ever imagined.  Mary Mary Gospel Group is a success.  The ladies had a vision.  They did the hard work.  Put in the long hours perfecting their skills and the rest is history.  I’m happy for Erica and Tina, and I hope they continue to dream because dreams do come true.  I still enjoy listening to their music, old and new.  Going to see them perform live in concert and enjoy their ever evolving fashion style.  March 2012, they premiered their own television series, Mary Mary, on WE TV.

mary mary


Erica Atkins-Campbell & Tina Atkins-Campbell Cups Are Full And Their Hearts Are Filled With Praise And Gratefulness.  These words I’ve heard them say throughout the years.


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