Website Buliding With Miss. D

Website Building With Miss D.

Dorothy and I opened the program Genesis Frame Work (template) and a plain white box appeared on the computer screen.  I was surprised; not sure what I expected.  My comprehension of computer technology was very limited and the task of creating a beautiful website began.

During the process of building, Dorothy taught me about coding, programming, plugins, Photo Shop and other basic computer functions and I really had to stretch myself mentally to understand this new technical information.

We worked on the site together for many hours.  Dorothy and I frustrated with each other often; she would quietly sit still, regroup and then say “Ready?”  We momentarily started to work again quietly.

Once the website was finished I thought about my experience during the building process.   I was responsible for the creative process which was psychologically frustrating; we had many differences of opinions; many program and creative changes; marathon hours; overly tired eyes and my website crashed several times.

In the end, my vision, reading many articles on and Dorothy’s programming – together our work and effort, in my heart – Fantastic.  Dorothy is My Hero.

Dorothy Small-Tolbert 

Website Building With Mom

‘Helping my mom build this website has been a roller coaster experience. When she first asked for my assistance, currently majoring in computer engineering, I thought I would be able to help with ease. I was wrong.  Through much trial and error and indecisive opinions, we gradually were able to bring her ideas along with a few of mine to life.

Although there was consent bickering throughout our creative dialog, we were able to work together to build a beautiful layout, which brings the ultimate feeling of accomplishment and joy.  We are still great friends.’



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