Avery Sunshine A True Soul Singer

avery sunshine

 Avery Sunshine | Come Do Nothing

I’m in my favorite room in the house, which is my bedroom and I’m listening to easy listening music while typing on my laptop.  And I hear a nice beat and I start to move my head and I’m really felling the music now.  A beautiful voice starts singing and now I’m all into this song.  I’ve not heard before or the artist Avery Sunshine.  Wow I think to myself, this is a really good song and I really started listening to the avery sunshineLyrics (not all): (Paraphrased some)   

“I was calling to tell you your stuff is all packed and you can come by whenever your ready.  I’ll leave it on the porch.  Just give me a buzz.  I’m going to stay home tonight and cook some jumbo.”  She says “I’ll be here many times.  You can come in or whatever you like.”


~Come Do Nothing~

I enjoyed how rich the sound of her voice is and wanted to know a little more about her.

Avery Sunshine A True Soul Singer

The Philadelphia songbird yearns for the company of her ex-lover.  “This is a song that shows the duality that most of us experience in relationships…’I can’t live with you but I can’t live without you,’” explains Avery Sunshine about the song. “What better way to tell your ex or significant other how much you miss them than by telling them to ‘come on over…we can do absolutely nothing and I’ll be satisfied.’”  Trent Fitzgerald/The Boom Box

avery shunshine

A true soul singer and distinct voice in R&B, Avery Sunshine is in a lane of her own with a musical presence that is as relatable as it is mysteriously captivating.  A combination of effortless vocals, rich instrumentation and lyrics that speak directly to the heart of every woman navigating their way through the rollercoaster ride that relationships can often bring.

avery sunshine

Avery Sunshine

The influence of R&B music on the entertainment industry as a whole has always been undeniable, and one of the genre’s purest vocalists is aiming to make her mark yet again.

By Rachaell Davis/ESSENCE

“Avery Sunshine Encourages Women to Embrace Their Inner Light”







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