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My New Mantra Will Losing Weight


In my 20’s I joined BALLY TOTAL FITNESS to learn how to exercise more effectively and be motivated by other people.  I went to the gym 5 days a week, for about 1 hour and 30 minutes.  During my 30’s I left Bally’s and joined 24hr Fitness because it was closer to home.  I became a mother during that time and during the early years of my daughters life she would play in the day care area in the gym and watch me exercise.  It was great.

As my daughter started getting older, my life style evolved around her and I forgot about me; being a first time mother.  I stopped going to the gym and would exercise around the house and the neighborhood, but not consistently.  I started gaining weight and It was OK because it wasn’t about me anymore, so I thought.

Fast foreword to today, I am 50 and a member at planet fitness – To My Surprise.  It’s taken me about 2 1/2 months to get physically acclimated and I feel stronger, mentally now.  I go to the gym Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4 am to 5:30 am and I am at work by 6 am.  I’ve been about 30 to 50 pounds over weight throughout the years and now I want my body to age gracefully and not have physical problems due to my weight.  I Enjoy Exercising Again.

I never thought I would be a member at a gym again but I felt like I needed to be in a structured, exercise environment in order to assist in my weight lost journey.




 Ladies Looker Room

I Stretch Sometimes Before Exercising And Always After Exercising In The Ladies Locker Room; Which Is Pretty Big And Theirs 0 To 2 Ladies In Their While I’m Stretching.


30 Minute Circuit Zone

This Is Always The First Area I Exercise In At The Gym For About 10 to 15 Minutes.  I Don’t Use The Steps.


From Left To Right -Weights, Bikes, Elliptical Machines And Treadmills

I Use A Combination Of Two Machines; Either The Treadmill, Bike or Elliptical.  The Majority Of My Time Is Spent In This Area Which Is About 1 Hour & 15 Minutes.

I have more weight to lose and I won’t stop until the Journey is Complete; and this time I plan to keep It offexercise

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