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gwynneth encourager

Gwynneth Harris Is A Child Of God And A Woman Who Strives

Gwynneth is my fashionista cousin and a women of God.  She openly shares about her relationship with God and she actively enjoys church.  She is a loving wife, mother, daughter, who cherishes her mother, sister and a friend.  She has adapted a healthy eating lifestyle, being physically fit; she enjoys socializing, traveling and relaxing.  She is also a business woman and enjoys Encouraging others while juggling daily responsibilities with a smile.  She is not perfect; she is a woman who strives.

gwynneth encourager

I was talking with a young friend who has recently separated with her companion and the father of their child.  She told me she was overwhelmingly, emotionally hurt and very confused because he said he still loved her, but the overall relationship is no longer working for him but he will always be involved in their child’s life and he hoped they could learn to be friendly.  “I knew he was unhappy, but I didn’t expect him to leave.  As he was talking to me, I thought to myself, he will not see our child anytime soon.”

Words of Encouragement I Have Embraced For More Than 20 Years

Can I share a short story with you?  “Yes.”  24 years ago, I was pregnant, furious and enraged with the father of my unborn child.  During the first 5 months of my pregnancy I let him know how I felt about him daily; Hatefully.  He would listen and at the end of my rant, remind me of our baby in my stomach and how my emotions, feelings and words could affect the baby and I needed to calm down, always speaking very softly.  I did not want to be pregnant and unmarried, and I totally blamed him for my situation but in time I calmed down because It was now about my my baby.

Gwynneth came to visit me one day and I noticed she had her bible and I thought to myself, here we go.  I remember Gwynneth reading from her bible, but I don’t remember what she read because I wasn’t really listening.  After she finished reading Scriptures she said “You Have To Forgive him In Order To Be Blessed By God.”  Yeah, right I thought.  I told her I wasn’t going to forgive him.  She hugged and kissed me on my cheek and whispered in my ear again before she left, “You Have To Forgive Him In Order To Be Blessed.”

Dorothy was 3 months old when her dad first saw her.  He held her gently and stared at her, then pressed her small cheek firmly against his and closed his eyes and she went to sleep.  In that moment I remembered Gwynneth’s words.  “You Have To Forgive Him In Order To Be Blessed; I Did”  Their journey together has been so sweet and he was always kind to both of us until he passed 2 years ago.

My young friend speechless, gave me a hug and thanked me for sharing my story and said she had a lot to think about.  I have shared this story, many times with people and I’m thankful for your wisdom and obedience to God Gwynnethgwynneth encourager  

gwynneth encourager

 Gwynneth Harris

Story by Bouvia and photos complements of Gwynneth

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gwynneth encourager


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