Life Support Machine Created to Assist Human Breathing

life support machine

Life Support Machine

Used For A Person With Little To No Brain Activity puts the family member in a heart wrenching place

A life support machine is a ventilator or a respirator.  That keeps oxygen flowing throughout the body by pushing air into the lungs which helps a person breath.

A Moment In Time

My mother was very social and she believed In helping others in any way she could.  Weather well or sick.  And I spent a lot of time with my mother during my formative years.  Naturally, the experiences thought me to be comfortable and compassionate with people in general.  I’ve heard the name, life support machine but didn’t know its real purpose.  Until my sister-in law had an aneurysm and doctors suggested she use a life support machine.  Which kept her body warm for two days until her daughter was ready to have the machine turned off.  Nurse said my sister-in law was brain-dead upon arrival to the hospital.

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My Second Experience With A Life Support Machine, Unfortunately

I walked into the hospital room and my dear friend is laying in the bed.  With many machines being used  by her body.  Overwhelming sight, initially because I wasn’t told about her total situation before I arrived.  The nurse said she had very little brain activity due to a lack of oxygen to her brain.  Kim, her body feels cold.  “OK, I will call the nurse.”  “We put warm blankets on her.  Her Body Is Cold From The Inside, I’ll turn up the heat.”

In That Moment

I knew human life was leaving her body.  It was hard to process that moment emotionally for me.  “I will asked that all machines be turned off tomorrow.”  Are you sure?  “Yes!”  I know understand why it is heart wrenching, to be the person to say it is time. To turn of the life support machine. It’s as if he or she has a part in ending life.  And no one should have to experience this moment!

By Bouvia

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