My Time So I Thought And Then The Unknown Happens

my time


My Time.  And Out Of No Where Here Comes A Curve Ball

You know.  I’m a mother, daughter, grandmother, fiancee and a hard worker.  I can admit that along the journey of being a mother.  I didn’t always make the best decisions and I am wise enough to admit it to myself and others – now.

I have two daughters and two sons.  My oldest son is gay, the youngest is very rebellious and both, spoiled.  My oldest daughter grow up.  Became a young mother.  And made some bad choices.  And now she’s incarcerated for a long time.  My youngest daughter is in foster care and it’s still to hard to talk about.  Out of no where here comes a curve ball.

This Is My Time, So I Thought

I’m in my forties now and I thought.  It’s time for me and my  fiancee to enjoy each other and life.  But here comes curve balls.  My dad has been a truck driver for many years and he’s older now.  And he drinks a little too much.  He recently retired and lives with me.  Somethings not right with him and he’s becoming very forgetful.  It’s time to see the doctor.  My dads diagnosis, Dementia.

My oldest daughter who’s incarcerated has two, beautiful little girls and they are living with me until moms release.  My youngest son is failing in school.  I’ve gotten him help but he’s not putting in the effort needed.

Lymph noids

“Your lymph noids are a little swollen in different places.  We have to do a few test.”  Okay doctor.  I have a history of cancer in my family and I’m not mentally ready to deal with this.  My plate is full and running over.  This is my time.  And look.  All these curve balls.  It’s suppose to be mine and my  fiancees time.  I don’t want to complain; I just would like to know why me!

By Crystal  


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