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Sally You Will Always Be Sexy To Me My Love

Sally is a Beautiful middle age women and she has been married to her husband, who is a popular musician for more than 20 years.  She is a voluptuous woman now and she is dissatisfied with her weight gain which is causing her to be physically and emotionally distant with her husband, whom she Loves very much and this saddens her, Deeply.

“My husband tells me how sexy I am to him and he completely loves me just as I am and he always has Loved me and he always will Love me, but I still fill physically insecure in his presents and It’s Not Fair To Him.  I really have to lose this weight for me and my husband.”

Girl Talk

Sally and I were talking one day and she said her husband likes to sit in the jacuzzi and relax most evenings in their backyard when he is at home, and he likes for her to join him.  She said most of the time she doesn’t because she is insecure about her weight gain and so she sits next to the jacuzzi and keeps him company; even knowing how he feels about her.

I told Sally, I can’t tell by looking at you, that you are dissatisfied with your body image.  You always look like you are going to a photo shoot.   (Sally dresses Fashionably.  She wears lovely blouses or tee shirts;  plain or colorful jeans, accessories and wedge hill shoes which always matches the color of her clothing.  Sally has Lot’s of Beautiful Long, Wavy Brownish – Gold Colored  hair, she wears light make-up and she smiles and laughs a lot)

“Most of the time I internalize my emotions and even though I have gain weight, I still like to look nice.  When we see each other and talk, I feel very happy, and I am comfortable mentally, emotionally and physically.”  I am honored that you feel like that.  Thank You.  “Welcome”, she says while Smiling.

Unconditional Love

When Sally talks to me about her weight gain, I remind her of her bubbly personality, how physically Beautiful she is and her husbands Love for her is unconditional and she has to love her self just as she is and she will lose the weight when she is ready tosally

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